River Valley Hypnosis
James Einert, ND, CH
Certified Hypnotist
Clarksville Health Food Store
800 West Main Street
Clarksville, Arkansas
Relationship Issues,
Erectile Disfunction,
Sexual Enhancement
All of these are usually related to sex. This may seem to be a taboo subject, but if
you are having trouble in your relationship, hypnosis may be able to help. We only
work with one partner at one time, but we can help both women and men to
improve their sexual relationship.
For men, erectile disfunction can be a problem a we age. It can be a blood flow
problem, but that can be helped by hypnosis. It can be caused by stress of
performance in the bedroom, or other stresses. We can also help men who
ejaculate prematurely or late. We can help you be a better partner as well.
For women, we can help you with timing you orgasm to come with your partner, we
can help you have much stronger orgasms. We can help you to please your
partner more so you have a better relationship.
After over 33 years of marriage, I know what it takes to have a good relationship
with my partner, I can help you too!!!
One session will help, but it may take more if you have multiple problems. Cost of
sessions are regularly $100, but for a limited time they are half-price ($50) so I can
introduce my services to the area.
My services are by appointment only, so call today and make an appointment.
Copyright 2012 by James Einert, ND, CH