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Criminal Investigation
Criminal Investigation can be aided by hypnosis. Many times after a crime, the
victim or witnesses can’t remember all the details, but after they have been
hypnotized and visually taken back to the crime, they can remember license plate
numbers, describe faces for police artist, remember addresses, or
house/buildings they were taken to, etc.
The FBI and many other police forces all over the United States and the world
use hypnosis to help in criminal investigations. I am fully trained in regressions to
the crime scene, and memory recall to help police get the information they need
to help solve cases.
Cost of this service will be worked out case by case according to what has to be
worked on. If you have a case that your witnesses or victims can’t remember the
details please give me a call so I can help bring these memories back into
My services are by appointment only, so call today and make an appointment.
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