River Valley Hypnosis
James Einert, ND, CH
Certified Hypnotist
Clarksville Health Food Store
800 West Main Street
Clarksville, Arkansas
Infertility is often caused by stress. When a woman tries so hard to have a child
for whatever reason, she may feel a lot of stress, which makes her to be unable
to conceive. That is why so many times after adopting a child a woman who is
deemed infertile gets pregnant!
I can, through the use of hypnosis, rid a woman of her stress, and give
suggestion for her body functioning correctly for her to conceive. Making it
possible for her to conceive and have the child she wishes to have.
It should only take 2 or 3 sessions for this to work, of course there is no
guarantee that it will work, but for the price it is well worth doing. It is much
cheaper than fertility drugs and procedures.
So if you are having trouble conceiving a child, give me a call today, you won’t be
My services are by appointment only, so call today and make an appointment.
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