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Asthma & Allergies
Many times Asthma and Allergies are caused by mental stress or trauma. If this is
the case, Asthma and Allergies can be totally alleviated by hypnosis. But if they
have a physical cause, they can still be helped by hypnosis. So either way, if you
want to help you Asthma or Allergies, please consider hypnosis.
It doesn’t matter what type of allergy you have or if you have many allergies, we
can help you manage your symptoms. Same with Asthma, by using hypnosis and
giving you simple suggestions we can help you control you Asthma without the
use of inhalers or drugs.
Asthma and Allergies may be taken care of with just 1 session, or it may take
more. It all depends on the individual.
My services are by appointment only, so call today and make an appointment.
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